Types of Speakers: Which One Do You Need?

The number of speaker types available in the market is enormous, and it often gets challenging to choose the ideal as many users are not aware of all the types. It is crucial that one should have a basic knowledge about the different kind of speakers as it will help them to decide which will meet their requirement. Every speaker offers various quality, listening experience, and music output so one should know about these types before proceeding to buy a new speaker.

Take a look at some types of speakers that are widely popular in the market;

In-Room Speaker

In-room speakers, are one of the most common speaker types in the market that come in a wide variety and price range. These speakers are quite compact, and you can easily place them whenever you want. They come with specialized cabinets that allow the inbuilt drivers to put out the best audio quality possible. Most of them come with tweeter, mid-range and woofer configuration so you can expect an almost full range audio output. Nowadays many manufacturers are also offering the option to add extra subwoofer so you can good bass while listening to music or watching a movie.


A subwoofer is a unique speaker type which is only destined to produce hurt thumping bass audio. This is a large-sized and Omni-directional speaker system that only reproduces the low-frequency sounds from any audio. They generally come as an added speaker with the stereo speaker, surround speaker, car audio and home theater system. It also comes in two variants; powered and unpowered where the unpowered one requires an amplifier to offer sound at the optimum level. A great thing about subwoofer is that they come in different styles and customization options so that you can tweak the music according to your liking.


You can consider as one of the widely used and oldest speaker systems in the world. It has been present in the market for decades, and their task is to produce a full-range sound. They come equipped tweeter, mid-range and woofer and the power vary from variants to variants. You will mostly find in large spaces, concerts, open studios, karaoke places, etc. as they can produce large volume. This system is available in various sizes so it can also be found in multiple homes coupled with radio or audio system.

Computer Speaker

Computer speaker is another popular speaker system that graduated from dedicated inbuilt speaker to an external stereo speaker system. They are generally available as plug ‘n play system where you just have to connect them using 3.5mm jack or USB. Like others, they also come in different variants, which include 2.1 speakers, 5.1 speakers, and 7.1 speaker system. You might consider this speaker type as the trendiest in the whole lot because they come with a lot of modern designs and fancy lighting facility.

In-Wall Speaker

This type of speaker is a unique audio system that treats you with a good sound output but that too without taking any floor space. They come with different color options, size, and variants so won’t be limited to individual choices. The best thing about them is that they blend with the wall color, so they almost fade away in your room. It comes loaded with powerful drivers and enclosure that assist it in delivering an excellent sound experience. However, the installation is quite tricky, and it requires professionals.

In-Ceiling Speaker

In-ceiling speaker holds a lot of similarity with the in-wall speaker but as the name suggest they are only installed in the ceiling. The installation process is complicated as they clubbed inside a false ceiling, and only professionals can install them. These models generally come as a part of surround sound speakers, and they offer an outstanding audio output. However, the quality varies according to the models as well as pricing. It serves as a smart option for houses that don’t have a free wall or floor space for speaker placement.

Studio Monitor

Well, you must have heard about studio monitors which are mostly used by audiophiles and professional studios. They are well-engineered speaker system that effortlessly reproduces all the sound and lyrics when you play any instrument or music. They come in varied size, and you can either place them on a stand or floor. Like subwoofer, you will also find a powered and unpowered version of this speaker where the unpowered one requires an amplifier. Most of the models come with two wires for connection, but nowadays some modern models are offering single digital cable for connectivity.

Surround Speaker

Surround speaker as the ultimate audio system for most of the homes. They are mostly coupled with home theaters for music and movies as they offer a theater-like sound experience. 5.1 serves as the basic configuration of the surround speaker, but there is an option of 7.1 configurations. In a 5.1 speaker system, there are five speakers and a subwoofer. Three speakers are placed in front of the viewer and two on the rear. The 7.1 speaker system is almost the same as 5.1, but it carries an extra two extra surround speakers. What makes 7.1 different from 5.1? 5.1 has two speakers on the rear and side, whereas 7.1 has four speakers.

Outdoor Speaker

Designed for outdoor purpose, this speaker system is a popular audio system in the market whose demand has never gone down. They come with a waterproof body which not only allows them to reproduce good sound but also safeguards the drivers. The outer casing and switches are designed in such a way that you can use it during rain, humid weather, scorching summer noon, etc. Even the wires are coated with a weather-resistant cover which enables them to bear any kind of weather condition. They range from single speaker system to an extensive audio setup that carries separate tweeter, mid-range, and subwoofer.

Bookshelf Speaker

Bookshelf speakers, are the portable type of audio boxes that offer excellent music listening experience. Their compact size allows them to fit on a bookshelf or small area, so that is why they are known as a bookshelf speaker. They mostly come stuffed with a tweeter and mid-range driver in one case, and you get the option to add an extra subwoofer for bass. The overall size varies between 4inch and 6inch, although you will find some more prominent speakers. Despite being limited in size, they come in variety of designs, colors and portable facilities. However, they are directional speaker, so you need to face them towards you for the proper audio experience.


Soundbar is basically a center speaker system that carries tweeter, mid-range, and woofer in one small flat panel. They are mostly used with TV as they offer much better audio than inbuilt TV speaker. The sound quality they offer is excellent as they can reproduce most of the frequencies, but they lack in good bass output. However, you get the option to add a subwoofer to experience full-range sound experience. Most of them come with special 3D sound features which allows them to produce a surround sound similar to home-theater setup. You can get quality soundbar under $200.

Satellite Speaker

Smaller than floor-standing but more prominent than the portable speaker, satellite speakers are not a dedicated speaker; instead, they act as a part of an extensive audio system. It is an unpowered sound system that when combined with a subwoofer, operates in full potential. They come in small compact cases and carries a tweeter along with a mid-range driver. Unlike others, it is available in different configuration so that you can buy them according to music taste. The sound quality they deliver is outstanding, and they excel in every department whether it clarity, quality, or bass. Installation is quite easy, and you can mount them anywhere using the bracket given in the package.

Bluetooth Speaker

Well, Bluetooth speakers are a widely popular speaker type that is manufactured almost all the speaker manufacturers in the world. They are similar to any compact speaker, but they offer you the capability to play music through Bluetooth. They come in different variant, sizes, design, and color. You will mostly find them as a portable model which you can carry anywhere you want. They might come with tweeter and mid-range packed in one place, but the audio quality they offer is really good.

On-Wall Speaker

On-wall speaker is a common speaker type that is mostly utilized in homes as it acts as an excellent companion to televisions. As the speaker stays at your ear level, it offers a good audio experience which you will expect while watching any TV program, football match or movie. It not only saves you from investing in a costly floor-standing speaker but also spares from making large holes on the wall or ceiling