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Setting backword theater

Backyard theater, frequently known as outdoor theater or theater in the garage, is nowadays becoming popular among the families. There are some reasons behind this trend like popularity and availability of projector, outdoor facilities etc. But if you think that home theater and outdoor theater are the same, you are wrong. Outdoor theater requires the projector that offers high brightness, dark outdoor environment, portability, easy setup etc. However, don’t be tensed. By going deeper into this article, you will come to know the things to consider to build a backyard theater. I divide these things into two part so that you can understand things easily. In this guide, you will find the appropriate projector and things related to the projector.

Check What Things You Need to Consider to Build A Backyard Theater

Check What Things You Need to Consider to Build A Backyard Theater


The most important thing to take care is none but projector without which none can enjoy things in a backyard theater. To entertain with your family and friends, you need to be cautious while selecting the appropriate projector. Appropriate projector means that it has desired features that you are looking to have. Features like brightness, resolutions, connectivity with other devices, contrast, picture clarity, audio quality etc. are basic needs that must be considered seriously. I will let you know these things later.

The first thing you need to consider is the price of the projector. There are a lot of projectors with a variety of price ranges like under $100, under $200, under $300, and above these ranges. You will find the appropriate projector with your desired prices. Remember that not all projectors have premium features. The more the prices, the more the attractive features. However, there are some projectors which are cheap but attractively featured. Actually, what matters most is the quality of the projector. Experts recommend looking for the quality first.

Note that backyard movie theater needs projector which has high brightness. In general, dark environment suits best to enjoy things flawlessly. But backyard or outdoor places are not that much darker than your room is. So, select the projector that has a large number of lumens and brighter than that of other projectors.

You need to get a handle on your backyard theater’s layout. You need to consider things like the distance of the screen, mounting projector, portability of the projector, extension facilities of electricity line, safety etc. For that, you need to know the ins and outs of your Outdoor Projectors specs at first.

Outdoor Projector Specs:


While selecting a projector, know the light of your backyard that is whether it is dark or not. Generally, dark environment is suitable for enjoying movie session, gaming session etc. In that case, low brightness is enough to offer the best things. But in case of high light, you need to consider the brightness of the projector. Lumens measure the brightness of the projector. Check the number of lumens that the project brings with it at first. In general, 2000 or more than 2000 lumens are appropriate to offer excellent brightness facility. The higher the number of lumens is, the better the brightness is.


Buy the projector which offers you the highest lifetime. Some projectors offer 30000 plus hours’ lifetime which may cover a decade.


You need to go for the projector that offers a marvelous contrast ratio. The higher the ratio is, the better the quality of images is. Also, a higher contrast ratio offers bright colors and deep black. The contrast ratio of 2000:1 is better in that case. It facilitates users to watch sharp contents.


What kind of resolution you need depends on the weight of the content. If your presentation contents are not mixed, you do not need to look for high resolution. But in case of using mix and match content, you need to look for higher resolutions. The higher the resolution of the projector, the more the enjoyable session is. You also need to know whether the projector supports HD contents or not.


Check whether the connectivity options are multiple or not. Most projectors come with multiple connectivity. If projectors can be connected to the computer, laptops, smartphones, tablets, Xbox etc. with the help of HDMI, AV, VGA etc. cables, then it’s better for users. Nowadays projectors have USB connectivity options that mean you can connect with other devices with the help of USB. In case of backyard theater, you need a projector which has multiple connectivity so that you can enjoy anything you wish from other devices or internet.

Weight and portability:

Consider the weight and portability of the projector. You need to move your projector frequently if you intend to set it in outdoor. So, look for the projector which is of low weight like 2-5 pounds. If the projector is portable, you can carry and move it easily wherever you want to enjoy your time.

Noise and heat:

Projectors that facilitates low noise and reduced heat are suitable for outdoor or backyard theater. Some projectors use innovative technology in order to reduce heat and overheating as well as the noise of the fan. It is highly recommended to buy the projector which enables you to consume low noise and low heat.

Setup and installation process:

Easy setup and installation process of a projector in the backyard is highly acceptable because you might need to set your projector up frequently. So look for the projector that enables you to be in a good position in this regard.

Screen of the projector:

You have already found out the things that you must consider related to selecting the projector while building a backyard theater. Let me pose a question. Why do you want to go to theater to enjoy the movie? Probably the answer is to get the taste of large-screen movie session. That means the screen is another issue that must be considered seriously.

There are several options like you can use white bed-sheet or white wall as the screen in your backyard. When these options are unavailable or not suitable, you need to look for the screen. The cheapest option is to collect a big size bed-sheet of white or light grey color and hand it on the side of your house. In this regard, the problems are like the wind may ripple your sheet, the image can get easily skewed if the side of the house is not a smooth surface.

The best option for an outdoor environment, according to expert, is having a freestanding screen which is quick and easy to set up. It also enables the user to keep the image tight and polished regardless of wind. You need to choose a screen with a 4:3 ratio or 16:9 ratios and a hefty, steady frame.


Nowadays, projectors have built-in speakers so that you do not need to buy additional speakers. But if you are not satisfied with the audio quality of the built-in speakers, buy additional speakers like a portable outdoor speaker, Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth speaker is appropriate when there is little or no scope of wiring in the backyard. Bluetooth speakers are splash proof and have a strong battery to allow up to 15 hours of play time. For clear listening at any degree of volume, the speakers also have a range up to 30 feet. It is appropriate to use Bluetooth speaker because it can easily accommodate a backyard or garage setup. Instead of using a Bluetooth speaker, you can alternatively use speakers by buying from the market. In that case, consider the sound quality and the portability of the speaker that can be easily set up in the backyard.

Utility management:

You need to arrange a utility wagon or carrier to facilitate moving the things related to the projector. Besides this, a carrier is also useful to supply snacks and drinks from home to backyard. This carrier must bend and set up within a few seconds. Buy a carrier which can carry at least 120-pound weight and contain cup holders and folding table.

You need to manage everything related to the arrangement of backyard theater. In order to reduce the possibility of any unwanted incident, you need to manage the wires and electricity line very carefully. You need to cover the wires safely.

Take care of weather:

Weather is the player that can easily ruin the party night or any entertainment. You need to take care of the weather report and arrange things accordingly. Make sure that screen or walls that will be used as projector screen is neat and clean. The wet screen is not suitable for watching contents properly. Also, don’t keep electrical things outside during rainfall or snowfall. Keep the projector away from the water or snow.

Food management:

Movie session or party without snacks and drinks is like river without water. You can buy an outdoor popcorn popper. You can also arrange an aluminum kettle which enables you to make flawlessly popped popcorn in 5 minutes. Besides, the supply of drinks and snacks must be flawless to ensure an amazing party.

Things that you must avoid:

There are things that must be avoided to ensure a safe and enjoyable backyard theater. Often, people make mistakes which can destroy the theater at any moment. You should avoid doing things like:

  • Misusing the projector as a coaster.
  • Making loud sound and disturbing the old neighbor.
  • Leaving the projector and other necessary things out in the weather.
  • Forgetting to turn off the sprinkler system.
  • Leaving the wires and electricity lines uncovered. It might lead to serious injury and accident.

I am sure that you are no more tensed about building a backyard theater. Now, it’s your time to arrange party or movie sessions with friends and family.