Projector vs TV: Which One To Buy? Experts Answer!

You are looking forward to making your room more decorated with some entertaining tools.

But you are in a dilemma whether to buy a projector or a TV. What should you do?

To make you comfortable in this situation, I, from my prior observations and experience, come with the 10 differences between TV and projector that people must consider before going for anyone.

Let’s get started!!

Sound quality:

You are probably looking for an excellent sound quality experience. If you opt for TV, you will find a decent built-in speaker. It will provide fantastic sound quality. On the other hand, some projectors have speakers, however, they are miniature and placed in a place like above or behind you. These speakers are hardly good. You need to go for an additional sound system. For all of us, a decent sound system will make a difference to opt a TV or projector. So, what do you opt? Probably TV.


In light of convenience, you surely go for the convenient one. TV is simple. It doesn’t require huge planning and set-up effort. It will not go out of sight or not dim gradually. It has built-in features and require less cables for operation. On the other hand, buying a projector means going through a planning process. You need to know how to set up the projector, cables, fabricating those cables to avoid unwanted accidents. Moreover, it lacks built-in features than that of TVs. You may need to buy an additional sound system to get a full-fledged projector experience.

This is time of small things. The world is running after small and convenient things. So, it will not unwise to suggest TV instead of projector from the viewpoint of convenience. So winner is TV.


You might have the tendency to travel around the places and keep your favourite things with you during the whole tenure. Or, you are planning to enjoy the NBA or MLS game while in car or in one of your friends. TVs, despite being bulky and heavy, are suitable for these situations. If your TV is flat screen, it will sit nicely in your car seat. But it is not possible for projector. Projector is big and will not suit in the car or everyplace. So, in the case of the portability question, TV is the best option.


Most people look for quality first, most look for price first. Candidates for the second option are many. Whether you choose TV or projector, price varies with the size, of course there are other variables. You will get thousand dollar projectors or hundred dollar projectors on the shop which are excellent and provide you amazing picture quality. Thousand dollar-projectors are of 100 inches. If you go for larger size, you need to spend more. However, a TV less than 100 inches cost you more than the price of projector. If the size increases, price will increase at a decreasing rate. So, you may go for projector due to budget constraints and size demand.

But, if you think of other variables like advanced technology, high definition screen, no budget constraints etc. your decision may change. However, a projector is better than a BIG television.

Installation and maintenance:

Installation process may change your decision. In case of TV, no extra ability is required for installing this. Some installation ability is needed to install the projector. However, installing a projector is simple. You may need to read some materials regarding installing a projector. Now-a-days, TVs are free from extra maintenance. The cost of maintenance in case of TV is hence small. On the other hand, you need to incur some maintenance cost if the lamps of projector burn out, color is not working, getting dust etc. These maintenance requirements may force you to think of TVs rather than having a projector. So, winner is TV.

Color resolution and brightness:

If you look for great color resolution, you may opt TV than the projector. Nowadays, differences in resolution is not so large. Both TV and projectors have HD screen. 4K is available these days. If you are willing to watch 4K content in the screen, you may opt to have HD projectors. Brightness is high is darker room. Projector requires a dim room to provide you with great picture, not an open sunny room. On the other hand, LED TV has a lot of brightness. It can offer higher brightness in every situation. SO, in general, you may go for choosing TV.

Size of the screen and eye-catching ability:

Size of the screen matters most. On a big screen, you can see everything in details. The actors and actress will look like real. You can enjoy like you enjoy in party, get taste of movie nights etc. On a small screen, you can’t see things in details. If you sit far away, like 9-10 feet, your eye can’t see things clearly in the screen. Much larger images add benefit while watching 4K resolution movies. From the viewpoint of size of the screen, it is projector that clearly win over TVs. However, the gap is small now-a-days. At present, TVs come with larger size like 80-90-more than 100 inches. The size will be larger in future but there will be a practical limit because of portability, mounting, price etc. Projectors have created largest screens and images, so it gets advantage over TVs. If you are looking for party-like screens for your home, go for projectors without being hesitant.

3D effect:

3D effect is awesome if you are watching on projector. In case of projector, because of the big image, projectors add more amazing 3D experience. On the other hand, 3D is good in TV but there is a ceiling, that is screen size.

Projector provides realistic 3D images as it has bigger screen size than that of TVs. So, winner is projector.

Maturity period:

People look for durable products. Projectors have shorter life span because of the lamps they use. However, you can replace the lamps if they burn out (generally provides around 5000 hours). TVs have a life of around 100000 hours but its original brightness will be fading after that time. The replacement cost is higher than that of projector.

So, if you think that you are capable of replacing lamps when they burn out, go for projector because cost of replacement per inch is smaller than that of TVs.


Space matters. It requires not only the location where TV or projector will be placed but also the distance from your sitting position. In a small room, over-sized screen is not suitable. For projector, you can use ceiling for mounting projector and wall for fitting screen or painting on the wall. Projectors thus take very little space but a larger room. On the other hand, it takes space but small room is enough. You can opt TV if your room is small but projector if room is large room.

However, everything depends on the room you are planning to have amusement like whether it is family room or home theater room. For a family room, a TV is suitable whereas for a home theater room, projector adds more benefit. The price is also not high for TV and projector. You can get ultra hd projector in cheap rate. On the other hand, there are so many deals available now a days.

Hopefully, you are no more in dilemma. Good luck!!!