How to Start a Vlog: DIY Guide for Beginners

Creating vlogs is the current rage among today’s young generation as everyone is eager to showcase their talent to the whole world. YouTube has become the best platform to start a vlogging channel as it will pay you if you get excellent views from your channel. Are you some who is also eager to make a name in the YouTube through vlog? But entirely clueless about how to start a vlog? Don’t worry about the process as we have created eight simple steps that will pave the path for you to start vlogging on YouTube.

So let’s start with the successful steps;

1. Make Your YouTube Channel

To start it off, you first need to make a YouTube channel where you will post all your vlogs . Give a catchy yet straightforward username so that everyone can remember and keep it in their mind. While choosing the name of your channel, you should try to put a name that coincides with the type of video you are trying to put up. Like if you are making car or bike vlogs, then try to put names like Smith’s motor vlog, Motor wanderer or something like that.

2. Planning

Now plan out how you want to shoot and where you want to shoot. Create a flowchart about how you want to execute your plan because it will help you to create a proper video. While shooting, you can speak randomly, but it is not a good idea, especially when you are new. Chalk out points that you want to convey to your audience because it will help you create a strong foundation for your channel. It is essential to know your audience and what type of vlogs they want.

It would be smart to watch videos of other vloggers from your genre as it will help you to understand the audience you want to reach. Think about the tone you want to use in your vlogs and avoid being too friendly. Avoid planning something too unique as it might backfire your whole target audience reach. Instead use a new technique, an exciting way to deliver information, and interactive way to connect with your audience. Conceptualize how you to want to execute your whole plan because it will minimize the number of reshoots.

3. Buy a Good Vlogging Camera

You will agree to the fact that everyone is attracted toward high-definition videos on YouTube and a good quality video always get a lot of view as well as subscribers. So it is crucial that you should opt for a proper camera rather than relying on smartphone’s camera as they won’t offer a detailed quality. You can go by the list of the best vlogging cameras which will provide you a lot of options. Make sure the camera you want to buy should have minimum 720p shooting capability and excellent sound recording capability. However, we will recommend you to go for Full HD or 4K recording camera. Along with the camera, opt for a potent external MIC, gimbal, tripod that will assist you to shoot a steady and clear vlog.

4. Record the Vlog

Now, as you are ready with everything; it is time to record your vlog and put it on your YouTube channel. The most efficient to record your vlog is asking your friend to record the video for you. It will not only give you the freedom to freely interact and sport your passion to your audience but also minimize your nervousness. However, you can even shoot your vlog by yourself like many other vloggers. Don’t get nervous and overthink while filming and try to record the vlog in an interactive way. Always ensure good lighting while shooting because a poor lighting condition can jeopardize the whole concept.

5. Editing the Vlog

You can’t simply put out a raw video on YouTube as it is totally unprofessional to put your video towards your audience. You can either opt for free or professional (paid) video editors to edit your video because they will give an excellent outlook to your video. Always edit your recordings and cut unnecessary clips from the whole shoot. Put up good background music to vlog if necessary as it will make the vlog interesting. You will find plenty of free music on YouTube as well as other sites. It would be great to take inspiration from other videos and give a proper timeline to your complete recording.

6. Create a Banner for Your Channel

A channel banner is a smart way to offer a fresh look to your YouTube as it looks entirely bland without anything. It gives a unique identity to your channel, and moreover, it will stay in the mind of your audience. There is much free application that will provide you with all the tools to create your banner. However, if you are reluctant for this process, then you can pay any professional or ask your friend to create a banner for your YouTube channel.

7. Upload and Promote Your Video

Now it is time to upload your video in your channel, and you will find the upload button right at the top of the site. While uploading put up an excellent yet catchy title to your video. Fill all the description and tags appropriately so that it can reach your target audience.

Just uploading a vlog on your channel won’t cut it and you need to promote the vlog so that you can get a large amount of audience. Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to share your vlog on their social media as it will pave the path for you to reach a large crowd. You can even pay various Facebook page owners to popularize (viral) your video in the social media.

8. Monetizing the Vlog

Once you gather some right amount of views and subscribers, it is time to monetize your channel by applying for the YouTube partnership curriculum. This partnership will not only provide you money from ads but also lets you grow your fan base.