4 Ways To Connect a Soundbar To TV | DIY Guide For Beginners

We all know connecting a soundbar to a TV is an easy job. But with the abundance of connection facilities, connecting a soundbar to TV has become quite confusing. So are you facing the same confusion? Well, don’t be because we have laid out some simple steps which will indicate to you how you can connect a soundbar to TV with different cables. Here we won’t be focusing on all the connect types; instead, we will deal with HDMI, Digital optical or digital coaxial, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth as they serve as the primary mode.

So, let’s start with HDMI;

Utilizing  HDMI Cable

Connecting a TV to the soundbar with HDMI is probably the finest way to hook them as HDMI massive data transfer which will minimize loss and allow a lot of audio data to flow. Nowadays, almost all the soundbar and TV come with HDMI ports so you won’t find any difficulty. However, before connecting the soundbar with HDMI, you need to make sure that your TV comes with ARC support otherwise you can’t use the HDMI cable.

  • First place the soundbar close to the TV as HDMI cables aren’t that long.
  • Then hook one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI out port of the soundbar which you can find in the back of the device. Make sure the HDMI cable is adequately hooked to the port otherwise you will face an issue.
  • Now, take another end of the cable and put it in the HDMI In port located on the side of the TV. While connecting, make sure you have inserted the wire in the HDMI In port marked with ARC nametag. If there is only one HDMI port, then you can use the soundbar as a hub to connect other devices to it.
  • After you have connected the cable, now put the power cable of the soundbar to a power source and then switch it on.
  • Go to the audio settings located in the menu and then enable ARC mode.
  • Using the remote or onboard control set the source correctly; otherwise, you may not get the audio. Once everything is set, you are ready to enjoy your favorite movie with fluidic audio output.

Utilizing Digital Optical Cable

Digital optical cable serves as another standard mode of connecting a TV with the soundbar. Like HDMI, it supports all the modern audio formats, and it can transfer audio up to 5.1 surround sound. So check out how you can connect using a digital optical cable which is often known as coaxial cable in some soundbar;

  • Take a long digital optical cable (generally comes with square connector) and connect one end of the cable to the Optical In or Digital In the port of the soundbar. Opt for the best digital optical cable rather than using locally made as local made may not offer you the best output.
  • Put another end of the optical cable to the Optical Out port located on the TV. If you can’t recognize the port, then carefully look at the port as it will be labeled with Digital Audio Out tag. Otherwise, you can take assistance from the manual.
  • Now, switch on both the device and change the source of your soundbar to Digital In. However, modern soundbar automatically detects the audio mode.
  • Lastly, head to the audio settings of the TV and choose the digital optical or soundbar as the main speaker. Like modern soundbars, nowadays, most of the TV doesn’t require to change the audio settings as they detect the source automatically. Once you have completed, you can now hear the sound coming out of your TV.

Utilizing 3.5mm or RCA Cable

RCA cable serves as the most basic and easiest cable to hook a soundbar with the TV as everyone can recognize it. Although they won’t be able to provide you a comprehensive digital surround sound output, but it is a plausible choice for users who only have line-out port in their TV.

  • In the beginning, connect one end of the stereo RCA cable to the line-in port of the sound, and they will be marked with red and white. So while plugging make sure, you put the red wire in red port white port in the white one.
  • Now hook another end of the cable to the line-out port located on your TV and push it properly so that it isn’t loosely connected. Remember, you shouldn’t insert the wire in the headphone jack port as it will render a reduced audio output.
  • Now, switch on both the devices and the soundbar will start streaming the audio from the TV. You might have to change the mode of the soundbar, although modern models automatically detect the connection.
  • If your line-out port in your TV is pre-occupied, then you can connect the cable to the set-top box or DVD player to play the sound. The process is entirely the same, and the intermediate will be used as a hub.

Utilizing Bluetooth

Well, if you are not a fan of a wired connection and if your TV, as well as the soundbar, supports Bluetooth, then congratulation you can opt for a wireless connection. Let’s go through the simple process which will indicate how you could comfortably connect both the devices;

  • Switch on the soundbar and press the Bluetooth located on the device or remote. Then hold the button for a few seconds, and it will put the Bluetooth in pairing mode. You can even press the Bluetooth pair option located on the remote.
  • Next, head to the Bluetooth option on your TV and switch on the Bluetooth. Then search for the soundbar name in the Bluetooth list.
  • Once you find it, you should opt for the pair option, and it will start pairing with the soundbar. So when the pairing process is over, the LED light on the soundbar will stop blinking.
  • Now, you can place the soundbar anywhere you want and enjoy all the audio from your TV.