16 Digital Photography Tips For Beginners

In the age of millennials, the number of photography enthusiasts is on the rise. Digital cameras are focused on improving with edgy tools every other day. Photographers are classified into categories based on their level of skill. A photography enthusiast will likely give their all to get even one level up. In the age of insta culture spreading like a wildfire or general people taking more enthusiasm into aesthetics, it’s about time we share more tips if not tricks of modern life photography. Let’s check out top 16 digital photography tips:

1. Reset your camera

Cameras can be cranked up from a previous photoshoot. Unless you check saturation, ISO of your camera, it’s not ready for the next shot. So, first of all, Reset your camera settings.

2. Charge batteries

Camera charging is a real hack if you find yourself out of batteries in between a shoot. Be attentive about fully charging your camera batteries and carrying extra one or two battery depending on your need.

3. Image size

Sure you want to put in the best use of your camera and take pictures at the highest level it can offer. It provides good pictures undoubtedly. But get smarter about the ones you don’t need big resolution. This can save your memory and take pictures quickly when it’s necessary.

4. Avoid camera shake

Shaking camera can only take blurry pictures. One thing we are sure you do not want. Learn how to handle a phone while taking pictures, practice with both hands. Pay attention to the shutter speed of your camera. If it’s too slow comparing to your focal length, slight shake can make pictures blurred. You can support the camera from tools or by resting on your body.

5. Use a polarizer filter

Reflections can be damaging for photos coming from metal, water and glass. Polarize has a popularity for curbing these reflections. We suggest you buy a polarizer filter. It also put an extra edge with the colour of your photos. It can make your pictures look like art.

6. Check The Background

A sense of photography is a developing process. With that use some added tips and tricks to keep learning. One of the things to take into consideration is the background. Now see what you have to offer. If you want to get focus on the subject, go for a simple background. You are thinking of little change in the context, bring contrasting background. The theme of your photo also depends on the backgrounds you choose and speaks volumes about what you want to say.

7. Choosing ISO

ISO setting has a direct relation to how sensitive is your camera to lighting. Sensitivity of the image sensor is measured by ISO. The principle is that the lower the ISO, the less sensitive your camera is to light and providing you a better quality grain. Higher ISO provides more noise. In darker situation, we use higher ISO.

8. Shutter speed

Shutter speed set to a higher or lower level speed provides different shots of an object. You can take a blurred picture or aim for a sharp picture in time. It all depends on the speed limits. You will be amazed at shot’s variety. In any case, shutter speed set to a higher level can lead to camera shake. Best to keep a Tripod nearby at any time.

9. Rule of Third

Rule of third is a popularly acclaimed composition technique. Visually divide your monitor or viewfinder into 9 same grids. This will help you to position your photo at any one of the four intersections. It creates uniformity for image and amplifies its embellishments.

10. Steel wool photography

Sparking wool photography have taken all over the internet. It catches your eyes and attention leading to joy. The steel wool get inside the whisk and tie the handle tightly. We suggest you go for a wide angle lens to capture the length of the wool broadly. Put your camera on a Tripod and keep it at a distance to avoid burning up your tools. If shooting in the dark has an effect on your image, open your flashlights to get better result. And in any case, use the photo editor for better results.

11. Forest photography tips

Forest photography demands a lot of preparation and caution. Take notes on where the sunlight has it’s best shot, where do animals gather for rest, what places are safe for spending time. Once you create a weather forecast, you are pretty much up for it. Go for the basics we have mentioned so far, a Tripod, a polarizer, different lenses. We suggest you to take more landscape in forest photography. If you need inspiration you can lean on national geography and even the literature around forest. A sense of depth will always elevate your perception of taking photos.

12. Portrait photography tips

It is amazing to see how the tradition of portrait has still its effects lingering on people. Portrait of family and friends is of great joy for people who like to keep memories of their closed ones near. In a recent talk show, ‘breaking bad’ protagonist actor revealed he used to ask people to tell him a joke so that they can loosen up a little. As they would open up and start giggling at their own jokes, he would take pictures. It’s one thing to take a candid photo and entirely different thing to take a photo where the subject is genuinely happy. Try to create environment for your models where they feel cozy.

13. Embrace minimalism

Lately, minimalism has gathered a wide range of support from new generation. It’s a new perspective and has a charmingly fresh quotient. When taking a picture, keeping the idea of minimalism in head you can reduce the amount of focus for viewer. It comforts the eye but more so leaves a sensual elegance that oozes from single subjects aura.

14. The world of color

Colors really are a suave to humans complex nature. It has a way of presence whether in the background or as a theme that communicates to viewers. Color brings different quotient and empowers an artist to light up his imagination. A picture is definitely a breathing idea. We suggest any photographer to experiment with lenses to bring out their inner sense of what a color has to offer. Food or people, anything has a color impact which one should try to bring up.

15. Experiment on your own

Young photographers inspire themselves by getting to know the detailed work of their idols, working as their assistant or directly getting training from them. The impact on the photography skill may be close to impeccable which is certainly a good thing. But young artists should try to evolve with their own form of art. Experimenting once in a while to find out what gets your attention is important. Curiosity helps to search for new framework. Every artist has a duty to add to already existing profound art forms.

16. Change compositions

Varying length of lens, adding human element or changing height like getting a higher vantage point are all tricks to have a portfolio composition. Advantages to changing composition follow different shots of a single subject. A wide collection is always richer to adopt and provides better option to choose from.