Best Star Projector For Realistic Galaxies: 2021’s Reviews

A clear night sky full of stars is a sight to behold. People young and old alike can spot the constellations and feel the rich human history associated with them. But when the skies grow cloudy, these beautiful sights are hidden from view. If you live a city, you may not be able to spot the stars through the urban glow, either.

Fortunately, there is a way to bring the joy of star-gazing into the home. With the best star projector, your kids can feel the wonder of the night sky right in their own bedroom. You can even teach them the constellations indoors using these simple, yet effective devices.

Of course, many popular online retail sites have a whole bunch of star projectors for sale. That can make it hard to know which one shines the brightest or provides the most features. In this article, we’ll cut through that fog of confusion to discover the best star projector in today’s market. We’ll even have an opportunity to discuss the many ways a star projector can help ignite your child’s learning about the natural world.

Best Star Projector – Comparison

PictureProduct NameWeightVoltagePrice
ANTEQI Star ProjectorANTEQI Star Projector15 ouncesDC5VCheck Latest Price
Gifts a Must Laser StarsGifts a Must Laser Stars1 pound3.00 voltsCheck Latest Price
Sega Toys Homestar FluxSega Toys Homestar Flux3.52 pounds100 to 230Check Latest Price
4.Luckkid Baby Night LightLuckkid Baby Night Light9.6 ounces6 VoltsCheck Latest Price
Luckkid Multifunctional NightLuckkid Multifunctional Night9.6 ounces1.5 VoltsCheck Latest Price
BlissLights Sky LiteBlissLights Sky Lite1.6 pounds120 VoltsCheck Latest Price
Moredig Night LightMoredig Night Light1.06 pounds5 VoltsCheck Latest Price
Elmchee Universe NightElmchee Universe Night10.6 ounces5 VoltsCheck Latest Price
SOAIY Aurora Night LightSOAIY Aurora Night Light10.8 ouncesCheck Latest Price
YSD Night Lighting LampYSD Night Lighting Lamp14.4 ounces –Check Latest Price

The Best Star Projectors for Kids

1. ANTEQI Star Projector with Timer Setting

ANTEQI Star Projector with Timer Setting

First up, let’s look at the ANTEQI Star Projector. This model is one of the most popular options on the market today. It has thousands of positive reviews, many of which mention its affordable price.

Those numerous 5-star reviews also tend to mention how easy this projector is to use. Across its face, there are four lettered buttons. These let you (or your child) easily switch between various color modes and the timer mode. One button even turns on a night light mode, which produces a comforting soft glow.

As for its timer, the ANTEQI Star Projector can run for up to 95 minutes in this mode. That way, your child can enjoy a nice star show while they drift off to sleep. But if they’d rather stay up to watch a star show, this model rotates 360 degrees around for a truly enchanting experience.

I also appreciate how light this star projector is. Any child should be able to move it around their room safely and easily, especially if it is in battery mode. Just be sure they don’t drop this projector because its plastic case doesn’t take impacts very well.

That being said, the ANTEQI Star Projector can also run on USB power. In fact, this model comes with a 59-inch cord that should allow you to project stars far from the power outlet.

I can’t say I was fully pleased with the ANTEQI Star Projector, though. To that end, its star projection dome doesn’t depict an accurate version of the night sky. As a result, this unit may only be appropriate for younger children.

So, while the ANTEQI Star Projector may not be perfect, it certainly clear to see why it is so popular with parents across the country. Plus, at such an affordable price, it would be easy to replace this model if it were accidentally broken or needed to be upgraded.

What We Like:

  • Affordably priced at around $20
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple modes, including a night light and soft colored light
  • Spins 360 degrees
  • Can be powered by AAA batteries or a USB cord (provided)
  • Timer options up to 95 minutes

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not an accurate projection of the night sky
  • Plastic doesn’t hold up to impacts well
  • The motor may burn out if left on for too long

2. Gifts a Must Laser Stars Twilight Projector

Gifts a Must Laser Stars Twilight Projector

When I first saw this model, I didn’t think it would be the right kind of projector for at-home use. But much to my surprise, this model has some of the brightest projections I’ve seen in a long time. Specifically, this model’s green lasers can travel a fairly long distance and still remain crisp when projected onto a wall.

To that end, this model’s contrast is also noteworthy. That’s because this model “blue cloud” mode adds a dark backdrop to all projections. Together with the green lights, you’ll be able to see that this model’s contrast is superior from the moment you turn it on.

That excellent level of contrast won’t fade away with time, either. This projector was designed with bulb replacements in mind, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.

I did use the word “investment” on purpose there. That’s because this model costs over $100 on most popular online retailers.

Now, I’m sure you’re concerned that a star projector this bright could be harmful to a child’s eyes. While that used to be the case, the Gifts a Must Laser Stars Twilight Projector was recently upgraded in 2019. As a result, its projections are not “blinding” at all. In fact, you can use this model inside or outside without trouble.

Really, I only have one big issue with the Gifts a Must Laser Stars Twilight Projector. For some reason, its manufacturer has a bad tendency to ship out their older models to folks who bought the 2019 model. But this isn’t likely to occur, so you should be fine buying it and getting what you asked for.

What We Like:

  • Compact form factor
  • Fully replaceable light modules
  • Newly upgraded to be safer for outdoor and indoor use
  • “Blue Cloud” mode adds more contrast
  • Easy to adjust for use on walls or ceiling

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Pricy at over $100
  • Some visual distortion at the corners
  • Sometimes ships with the incorrect model year

3. Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Star Projector

Sega Toys Homestar Flux Home Planetarium Star Projector

When I hear the name “Sega,” I know I’m in for a good time. This brand has long been known as a video game and toymaker in Japan. This model really showed me that Sega is still a trusted brand, especially when it comes to star projectors.

“What makes the Homestar Flux Home Planetarium so great,” you ask? First off, it is impressively durable. In fact, this unit could be dropped two or three times on accident and not lose any functionality. It’s very stable too, thanks to its wide, yet firm stand.

Once you flip this best star projector on, you and your child will be in for a treat. Actually, you’ll be in up to 60,000 treats. That’s because this model can produce up to 60,000 twinkling points of light at a time. Those stars will be super crisp, too, thanks to this model’s multilevel glass lenses.

By default, the stars you’ll see from this unit will be from the Northern Hemisphere. But Sega wants your child to learn and explore using this projector. That’s why they sell 20+ extra disks of other interesting celestial views. Two very popular options include the Andromeda disk and the Southern Hemisphere disk.

These inserts aren’t called “disks” by accident, by the way. When inserted into the Homestar Flux, these disks can be made to spin gently. The whole unit operates silently as well, which can help a child fall asleep beneath their new indoor star array.

I’ll admit, the Homestar Flux will cost you a pretty penny at around $200. But this model also comes with a 2-year warranty. So, you can better justify buying this projector for the young star lover in your life.

What We Liked:

  • Built and sold by a trusted brand
  • Durable construction and stable base
  • Compatible with replaceable disks for other galaxies and night sky views
  • Ultra-bright 5-watt white LED and glass optical lens allows for crisp projection
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Very expensive at almost $200
  • Bulkier than most kid-oriented models

4. Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

It’s easy to get caught up in the Luckkid Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector’s name. Sure, this model was clearly designed with very small children and babies in mind. But don’t let that convince you it isn’t a worthwhile buy for your grade school-age kid.

As the reviews for this model show, parents of kids that age have found it to be a hit. That’s because it includes 8 different modes that can all keep a kid entertained for hours. They can even turn their projection a warm yellow, blue, red and green if they want!

Speaking of operation, even a young child should be able to change its modes without trouble. Each of its mode buttons is labeled with a letter, after all. All they need to do is try each out a bit and in no time, they’ll be able to manipulate this projector to their heart’s content.

Your child should be able to move this projector around their room on a whim, too. Simply insert a couple of AAA batteries and they’ll have no problem carrying this featherweight projector from place to place on their imagined adventures.

This star projector is not the best built on the market, though. I want to be honest with you on that because there are lots of reports of the domes on these units breaking or warping. In light of that, be sure that your child only uses it carefully if you decide to go with this model.

What We Liked:

  • Very portable due to lightweight and compact form factor
  • Kid-friendly interface with letter labeled buttons
  • Warm and soft light is not harsh on kid’s eyes
  • Very affordable as an introductory model at around $15

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Doesn’t play music like other models in its class
  • Domes are very flimsy and prone to warping
  • Loses detail when projected onto high ceilings

5. Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp

Luckkid Multifunctional Night Light Star Projector Lamp

Before you think, “this is the same projector as the last one,” let me tell you – it isn’t. In many ways, this model is an upgrade of Luckkid’s other popular star projector. While it may cost a bit more, your kid finds this model more engaging due to its more advanced options.

For example, this model comes with 5 interchangeable films. Naturally, space-themed films are the most popular and the best looking. But the “under the sea” film is also pretty spiffy.

Those films can be combined with a handful of impressive lighting modes, too. This includes a sequential mode, which can really give an illusion of motion to the whole projected scene. Meanwhile, the slow fade mode can be used to help a child relax and calm down before going to sleep.

Then, as if those weren’t enough, your child can add motion to these projections. Using this model, a kid simply needs to hold down a labeled button for a couple of seconds to make the whole unit rotate. This rotation comes with slightly annoying noise, but it is nothing that cannot be ignored during playtime or bedtime.

Speaking of bedtime, this star projector can easily double as a nightlight. Simply turn off all the rotation and special effect modes. Then, flip on one of this model’s four warm color modes. Soon thereafter, your kid will feel much more comfortable and at ease at night.

What We Like:

  • 3 different color and brightness settings
  • Abstract images of stars and planets are easy to identify
  • Comes with 5 film inserts that are easy to replace
  • Simple USB plugin
  • Can also be used as a nightlight

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Tends to drain batteries quickly
  • Makes some undesirable noise while in use

6. BlissLights Sky Lite

BlissLights Sky Lite

At first glance, you might say that the BlissLights Sky Lite looks a little different than its competitors. That’s because it has a fairly slim form factor. But after flipping this star projector on, you’ll see that it performs above many of its competitors as well.

Specifically, you’ll see that its many green star points are crystal clear. That’s because this model uses laser pointer technology to increase long-distance clarity. These units’ use of real laser diodes is a blessing and a curse, though. Finding replacements for those diodes is rather challenging, as it turns out.

But don’t let that small negative dissuade you. Rather, you should take a moment to appreciate how this well contrasted this model’s star points are. The BlissLights Sky Lite actually uses a special “blue cloud” background projection to make this happen. Altogether, these lighting elements create an enchanting recreation of the night sky.

But, if you decide to go with the BlissLights Sky Lite, you should know that it has only been rated for indoor use. As such, if you use it outdoors, you may run into trouble getting the same level of clarity.

Also, I’ve found that some previous BlissLights Sky Lite users didn’t like its projection pattern. They claimed that it was too “grid-like.” I found this model’s projections to be adequate, though. If that’s a concern for you, you may want to look to a more expensive star projector. Otherwise, this model should serve you well.

What We Like:

  • Uses laser pointer technology for enhanced clarity
  • Green stars on blue nebula background increase contrast
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Slim form factor allows for flexible placement
  • 6-hour timer for extended viewing sessions

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Only rated for indoor use
  • Star alignments are too “grid-like” at times

7. Moredig Night Light Projector

Moredig Night Light Projector

Many star light projectors suffer from one big issue – they’re hard to control. Not so with the Moredig Night Light Projector, though. This model takes hands-free use to the next level through its remote control.

Through this nifty gadget, you’ll be able to change the unit’s colors and brightness. Also, this model includes a selection of soft, soothing music for kids. You can control that from the remote, too, especially if the little one trying to get some rest.

Speaking of rest, the Moredig Night Light Projector’s remote can really come in handy when it comes to bedtime. As your child relaxes, they can enjoy a wonderful star show with one of this model 9 light modes. Then, once they doze off, you can remotely change the projector to night light mode.

If you prefer, you can also utilize this model’s timer for the same purposes. Because this timer can be set up for 500 minutes of use, you could also use it for entertainment at a child’s party.

In a practical sense, this star projector is also worth owning. That’s because this model’s broad base keeps it steady on a child’s bedside stand. Should it be knocked to the floor, you can be sure that this unit can take a hit, though. For some reason, the Moredig Night Light Projector does not come with batteries or a power adapter. I guess that can’t be too surprising, given how cheap it is. If you want to use it straight out of the box, be sure to have a few AAA batteries handy.

What We Like:

  • Broad base keeps unit balanced
  • The remote control can control times, rotation mode, and brightness
  • An auto-timer allows for use as a nightlight
  • Includes soft, soothing music for use with young children

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not project accurate nighttime imagery
  • Does not come with a proper power adapter or batteries

8. Elmchee Universe Night Light Projection Lamp

Elmchee Universe Night Light Projection Lamp

This Elmchee star projector brings new meaning to the idea of taking exploration into your own hands. To be specific, your child can easily hold this projection lamp in their palm. Then, they can watch as it projects a crisp space-like image all across their bedroom.

While not perfectly accurate, this model’s optional films sure are pretty to look at. One is a sky full of stars, while the other includes some colorful planets. When used with one of the alternate color settings, these celestial bodies are a real sight to see.

Your child can also experiment with this projector. Using this model’s combination mode, they can make their projection fade and change colors all at once. These lights never flash or strobe at all, though, so it is fully safe for use by a child over long period of time.

If you’re still worried about your child’s eyes, you’ll be pleased to know that this model has brightness settings. You can even turn it all the way down to 5% light. That setting is actually ideal for use as a nightlight.

I’ll be frank about this though – this Elmchee projector has a very short plug-in cord. As a result, this model’s use must be confined to a nearby USB plug-in point. But as a tradeoff, this model also comes with a 100% refund guarantee. So, if your kid doesn’t love it, you can always get your money back.

What We Like:

  • Very compact form factor
  • Comes with 3 film inserts, including the planets
  • Adjustable brightness to reduce eye strain
  • Comes with a 100% refund offer

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Lacks a timer, requiring manual disconnection
  • Very short plug-in cord

9. SOAIY Aurora Night Light

SOAIY Aurora Night Light

If you’re looking for something a little different, this model is perfect for you. The SOAIY Aurora Night Light doesn’t create stars. Instead, it blends lights together to make an aurora-like effect wherever you want!

I mean that literally. This model’s 45-degree tilt motion allows you to project onto walls and the ceiling. You don’t even need to be close by to interact with this projector, either. Using its remote control, you can change everything from its timer to its brightness level. You can even make this projector rotate with just the push of a remote button.

Meanwhile, the SOAIY Aurora Night Light’s colors are the real star of the show. They are all very gentle on the eyes, including many rich blues and pinks. They are displayed in a gradient, too, which makes your room feel showered in the aurora’s light.

As if that weren’t enough, this best star projector also includes a built-in speaker. It is compatible with an iPod, iPhone, and other common MP3 players. So, if you really want to relax under some enchanting lights, this unit can help set the mood with music.

Also, you won’t burn through batteries with the SOAIY Aurora Night Light. That’s because it only uses a single AA battery at a time. That kind of energy efficiency helps make this star projector a wise pick for a thrifty shopper.

What We Like:

  • Projects realistic auroras across 8 modes
  • Requires only 1 battery for power
  • Built-in speaker can be attached to iPod, iPhone, and more
  • 45 degrees of tilt allows for use on walls and ceiling
  • Comes with a 12-month exchange offer

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Challenging to contact seller
  • May be hard to find replacement light bulbs

10. YSD Night Lighting Lamp

YSD Night Lighting Lamp

Finally, we come to the YSD Night Lighting Lamp. This model takes the best features of other models in its size class and improves them. One example is this model’s rotation feature. It can cover full 360-degree spins, which allows for full room coverage reliably.

Also, this upgraded design includes a central light that can project up to 32 feet away. As a result, you can use this compact lamp in a room with high ceilings and still get the appearance of crisp stars. Those beautiful displays can continue for as long 5 hours or less, too, depending on how you set this unit’s timer.

As far as I know, this is also one of the only star projectors with a built-in battery. As a result, you won’t need to waste money buying new batteries for this unit all the time. Instead, you can simply plug it in and recharge it in a flash. A full charge lasts for up to 14 hours, so you can be sure that your child will get plenty of playtime out of it each day.

Hopefully, your child likes the single star dome that comes with this model, though. That’s because this brand doesn’t offer any alternative options. While that is a bit disappointing, this model makes up for it by being a real bargain (especially when you buy it online).

What We Like:

  • 360-degree rotation for full room coverage
  • LED digital display is easy to read in the dark
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 14 hours
  • Can remain on for 5 hours using a timer

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Does not offer other domes or inserts
  • Remote control’s range is limited


As you can now see, many star projectors look alike on the outside. But it’s what inside that counts with these wonderful toys. Some models are good for entertainment. Meanwhile, others can help your child learn about the celestial skies above.

When it comes time to choose a star projector, take some time and consider the following. First, evaluate your budget. Then, check if your child would like a certain feature. Some models include nightlights, which can be useful for young children who are uncomfortable at night.

If your child is a bit older, you might consider investing in one of the “fancier” models instead. These models include realistic stellar displays, which can help them learn the constellations. In the end, we hope you and your child enjoy the best star projector you pick out. These little devices can kickstart a love for the night sky. So, be sure your child really takes some time to appreciate this simple yet enticing light-up toy.