Best Speaker Stands For HD Audio Quality System In 2021

Having a good set of speaker stands is mandatory if you want the best audio experience. There are a lot of people who don’t understand the importance of speaker stands. They are often willing to invest in high-quality speakers, but not even in cheap speaker stands.

If you’re not one of them and looking for the top speaker stands for your system, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll breakdown the features of the best speaker stands and why you need them. Also, we’ll list the best speaker stands for you so you don’t have to find a needle in the haystack.

Why Speaker Stands?

It’s a valid question to ask if you consider investing in a good set of speaker stands. Why do you need them? Well, if you put your speakers on any flat surface or near the wall, the sound echo on those surfaces and distort itself. It’s not the best audio experience for you per se.

A speaker stand, on the other hand, keeps the speakers elevated from the floor and keep them away from the walls as well. As a result, you get the full surround experience that you should from your speakers. It will start sounding crisp and clear than before.

Best Speaker Stands – Comparison

PictureProduct NameMax HeightMaterialPrice
Sanus HTBS AdjustableSanus HTBS Adjustable 28″ – 38SteelCheck Latest Price
Vivo SP02B PremiumVivo SP02B Premium23”Aluminum and glassCheck Latest Price
Atlantic Satellite 77305018Atlantic Satellite 7730501827″ to 48″Coated AluminumCheck Latest Price
VideoSecu MS07BVideoSecu MS07B26.5″ to 47″SteelCheck Latest Price
Sanus BF31-B1Sanus BF31-B131″Density fiberboardCheck Latest Price
Bose UFS-20 SeriesBose UFS-20 Series38″MetalCheck Latest Price
Mount-It MI-58BMount-It MI-58B23 “Glass and AluminumCheck Latest Price
Mounting Dream MD5401Mounting Dream MD540135.5-48″Cast iron/SteelCheck Latest Price
Atlantic Adjustable BookshelfAtlantic Adjustable Bookshelf –SteelCheck Latest Price
Sanus NF24B NaturalSanus NF24B Natural24″ –Check Latest Price

Best Speaker Stands – Review

I’m guessing that you have a good idea about what speaker stands are. Now, let’s dive into the reviews to check your available options. We’ve done an extensive research to find these best speakers stands so that you don’t have to.

1. Sanus HTBS Adjustable Height Speaker stand

Sanus HTBS Adjustable Height Speaker stand

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly yet the best speaker stand, there are hardly any competitors to Sanus HTBS speaker stand. It comes under $50 and is one of the best speakers stands overall. It has a very sturdy base and lucrative HTBS stands.

It’s an adjustable speaker stand so you don’t have to worry about the height. The stands are made of heavy-gauge stainless steel. They weigh just 11lbs. which is very lightweight considering its durable construction.

The height of these stands goes up to 38 inches, starting from 28 inches. As it’s an entry-level model, it can withstand small bookshelf speakers or lightweight satellite speakers up to 3.5lbs. The channels integrated into the stands make it very easy for cable management.

Although the stands come in parts, it’s a breeze to assemble them. All you need is a screwdriver. The manual lists three different setup styles. You can choose any of them according to your liking. The base comes with floor padding so you don’t have to worry about damaging your floor as well.

The feet are cast iron which makes it a great vibration dampener. The vibration of the speakers is one of the major reasons behind the distorted sound. So, having good dampening effects are always a plus.


  • Looks amazing for the price
  • Very durable and sturdy construction
  • Removable spikes on the base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for small to medium speakers
  • Cable management channel integrated


  • Not suitable for speakers weighing over 3.5lbs.
  • Keyhole speaker screws are smaller than usual

Why do I recommend this?

Adjustable height is always good to have. It has integrated cable management channels and removable spikes. All of these features are great to have in a speaker stand.

2. Vivo SP02B Premium Universal 23-inch Floor Speaker stands

Vivo SP02B Premium Universal 23-inch Floor Speaker stands

Vivo, a renowned name in the audio experience industry. The SP02B is their universal speaker stands that come in their premium lineup. It’s one of the best speaker stands for bookshelf and surround-sound small speakers.

These stands are fixed height so you can’t tweak the height according to your needs. It’s a 23-inch speaker stand. As you can already guess, it’s designed to keep the speakers closer to the ground. Although it’s below the standard of 26-inch, it works seamlessly with all speaker systems.

The overall design of these stands is done with the modern look in mind. The sleek design matches perfectly with almost all interior styles. It’s made of aluminum and tempered glass to ensure a robust and sturdy backbone. These stands can take up to 22lbs. of gigantic speakers.

The reason behind its high weight limit is the lower height. As it’s closer to the ground and has fat tubes to support it, it’s more stable than most of the speaker stands found in the market. The base of these stands is wide enough to support humungous weights. The base has a removable spike option for you to choose between carpets and hard floors.


  • Very easy to assemble and a wrench is included for your convenience
  • The modern design matches will all interior
  • High weight limit of up to 22lbs.
  • The base is very wide with an area of 100 square inches
  • The top plate has 64 square inches to house the speakers


  • Lower than standard height speaker stands
  • The spikes can damage hardwood or tiles floor
  • Spikes might not penetrate a thick carpet

Why do I recommend this?

It’s a great speaker stand for heavier speakers. If you’re a sound enthusiast and have big speakers, this speaker stand might the perfect choice for you.

3. Atlantic Satellite 77305018 Speaker stands

Atlantic Satellite 77305018 Speaker stands

You might think that the best speaker stands are overpriced. You would be right in most cases. But when it comes to Atlantic Satellite speaker stands, your perception will change. These amazing entry-level height adjustable speaker stands are one of the best stands in the market.

These stands cost under $50 but the functionalities are off the charts. It’s really hard to find such quality of development among other products in the same price point. These stands fit satellite speakers and surround sound systems. Hence, the term ‘Satellite’ in the name.

The price of this best speaker stand might be less, but the construction quality is top-notch. It’s made of heavy-duty cast iron to ensure maximum durability and sturdiness. They look great and hide the cables very nicely. They can take speakers weighing up to 5lbs.

The bases of these speaker stands are one of the biggest attractions. They are not the typical flat ones but they have a curvy layout to them that looks very futuristic. The feet are triangular but the stability is amazing.

These stands are very easy to assemble and come with mounting brackets. You can adjust the height anywhere between 27 inches to 48 inches. That is a lot of flexibility unlike other speaker stands in this price range.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Very easy to assemble and move
  • Durability is ensured by molding cast iron
  • The triangular base for maximum stability along with a unique look
  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable height


  • Not suitable for use on carpet
  • The weight limit is not the best

Why do I recommend this?

It’s one of the best and budget-friendly options. It’s affordable and has a very strong cast iron construction. The height is adjustable as well which is a great addition to the overall design.

4. VideoSecu MS07B Speaker stands

VideoSecu MS07B Speaker stands

Another sub $50 speaker stand model in our list. This one is from VideoSecu and the model is MS07B. If you expect to get a high-end, feature-packed speaker stand at this price range, you would be daydreaming. However, these stands justify the price very well.

The compatibility list is very long for these best speaker stands. You can throw many types of speakers from any brands at it and chances are that they will fit. The stands feature a very minimalistic design so you can put them anywhere in the house. They blend in perfectly.

The design of these stands is nothing fancy. It comes with a completely black finish. The construction is done with steel so there are no durability or sturdiness issues. The height of the poles is adjustable as well so you can place them at your convenient height.

These stands weigh only around 11lbs. so they are really easy to move. The feet of the stands are screw-in rubber, so you can place them on hard flooring or on the carpet. The best part about these stands is the adjustment options.

Other than the height adjustment, you can also adjust the speakers. You can tilt them and rotate them. The height adjustment allows moving from 26 inches to 47 inches. Overall, it’s one of the top stands in this budget and there is no theory to prove it wrong.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Multiple adjustment features
  • Great compatibility for speakers from a wide variety of manufacturers
  • Cheap yet high-quality


  • Not great for high-traffic areas like a living room
  • A little more area on the base would have worked great

Why do I recommend this?

The reason I think this is a great speaker stand because it has multidirectional adjustments. It’s very unlikely to find such a feature in this price range. The design is very sturdy and effective. You can title and rotate the speakers with this great speaker stands!

5. Sanus BF31-B1 Speaker stands

Sanus BF31-B1 Speaker stands

Yet another best speaker stand in our list from Sanus. Sanus is unbeatable in terms of the functionalities it provides. The BF31-B1 also costs under $50 and is packed with useful features.

This design from Sanus screams minimalism. The stands look very plain and simple but do the job very well. It’s constructed with MDF, which is not wood but can withstand up to 20lbs. of speaker weight.

The BF31-B1 is very easy to assemble. You should use an old-fashioned screwdriver instead of a power tool while assembling it. Some people complain about the fragile properties of MDF, but we don’t see a problem as long as it can support your speaker systems.

The top plates of this model come with neoprene speaker isolators. The isolators help in reducing vibration as well as create a non-slippery grip for the speakers. The MDF itself helps in absorbing energy. The less vibration there is, the better it is for the sound system. It’s a fixed-height model rated at 31 inches which is a pretty sweet spot for all kinds of speakers.

The top plates are small in size. They feature only a 25 square inches area. It’s not suitable for anything larger than a bookshelf speaker system or a satellite speaker set.


  • Very good quality considering the price
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Good cable management channels
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good weight capacity of 20lbs.
  • Comes with neoprene speaker isolators


  • A small area on the top plate
  • Cable management not the best
  • Might be a little hard to screw in the parts during assembly

Why do I recommend this?

A lightweight design along with high weight capacity is a rare find. I don’t want the people out on a good deal. So, get this one if you’re looking for a good quality stand at a justified price.

6. Bose UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands

Bose UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands

With the Bose UFS-20 series speaker stands, we’ve entered the reign of brands. Bose is a very well-known and reputed brand when it comes to sound equipment. It has proved to be one of the best go-to places for people in need.

The UFS-20 series II is one of the most expensive models in our list as well. The cutting-edge design and the implementation of innovation in the products have made Bose of the toughest competitors in the best speaker stands industry.

When it comes to high-quality products and innovative design, Bose is the perfect choice for people with enough dough. The UFS-20 has a height of 38 inches, which is compatible with all the 2-speakers and 5-speaker sets from Bose. But there is a catch, these stands are not compatible with other speaker brands.

Bottom line is, if you have a Bose home entertainment system, these speaker stands will provide a surreal audio experience. The cable management system is great and will keep all the unnecessary wires out of sight.


  • Amazing build quality
  • Compatible with almost all Bose speakers
  • Very stable and modern-looking


  • Only compatible with Bose sound systems
  • Costs a lot
  • The large base can make it hard to position the speakers

Why do I recommend this?

Although it might not look practical to get this model because it’s only compatible with Bose products, I think it’s a great investment for Bose product owners. It’s stable and has spectacular build quality. But all good things come at a price.

7. Mount-It MI-58B Speaker stands

Mount-It MI-58B Speaker stands

If you’re thirsty for great outlooks and performance at a justified price, you’re looking at the right product. The MI-58B from Mount-It is one of the best speaker stands in the industry. It provides the ultimate value for money as well.

The manufacturer didn’t leave any stones unturned to make the quality and functionality of this product top notch. Yes, they are expensive, but the sheer quality you get from them is unreal. These stands look great thanks to its aluminum alloy and tempered glass finish.

The design helps the speaker stands to blend in any corner of the house. It adds to the aesthetic value of the space. This model from Mount-It does cable management very efficiently. The poles themselves are hollow in the middle which eliminates weight and creates space for cable management.

The package comes with all the necessary tools and hardware so that you can build it yourself. It’s a walk in the park. The 23-inch height might seem a little low, but it works like a charm on rooms of all sizes.


  • Modern and sleek design to blend in with the décor
  • Compatible with almost every speaker on the market
  • Aluminum and tempered glass makes it great to fit in any corner of the house
  • The rubber spikes at the base come with rubber caps to protect the floors


  • Relatively low in height
  • Spikes on the bottom are non-removable

Why do I recommend this?

Compatibility is a major issue for people who buy speaker stands. It has to compatible with the speakers and the home décor simultaneously. This one checks all the boxes.

8. Mounting Dream MD5401 Speaker stands

Mounting Dream MD5401 Speaker stands

Mounting Dream is a subsidiary of Xinadda Products, which specializes in designing, development, manufacturing, and distribution of mounts, accessories and most importantly, stands. This model from Mounting Dream is such a product.

Mounting Dream is pretty well-known in the industry for its high build quality and durability. The MD5401 is no different at all. It can hold up to 11lbs. of speaker weight. The stands come in a black finish that looks gorgeous. Keep in mind that it’s a sub $50 range speaker stand.

This best speaker stand has built-in cable management channels to tuck in the excess wire. These stands are height adjustable as well so you can set the height right where you need it. The base of the stands is anti-slide which means you get the stability you deserve.


  • Hollow poles for maximum cable management properties
  • Compatible with a wide range of speakers
  • Height adjustable
  • Great value for money
  • Very durable and made with heavy-duty cast iron
  • The round holder can hold wooden speakers as well


  • There might be slight stability issues

Why do I recommend this?

I am a fan of value for money just like most of the people are. So, here is one that screams value for the price you pay. It’s an amazing speaker stand with all the things you need.

9. Atlantic Adjustable Bookshelf Speaker stand

Atlantic Adjustable Bookshelf Speaker stand

As we already stated, Atlantic is one of the best go-to manufacturers when it comes to speaker stands. The manufacturer has over 30 years of experience in making these stands. This model is specifically designed to hold bookshelf speakers.

This model is relatively inexpensive yet packed with functionalities. The build quality is neither fancy nor poor. It’s the perfect combination of safety and practicality. The body of the speaker stand is made of steel while the base is finished with PVC to make the whole unit lightweight.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy assembly and included tools
  • Good cable management
  • High weight limit of 20lbs.


  • The base might slip

Why do I recommend this?

Atlantic has been providing good audio equipment for years. It has technical know-how about how to make a good speaker stand. It might be costly, but it’s worth it.

10. Sanus NF24B Natural Foundations Bookshelf Speaker stands

Sanus NF24B Natural Foundations Bookshelf Speaker stands

Sanus is another reliable brand that has provided us with some of the best audio speaker stands. The Natural Foundations series is one of the most selling lines of Sanus products. The NF24B is our pick for today’s list.

As the name suggests, the NF24B reflects the aura of natural materials. If you’re a fan of hardwood products, you’ll love this model. The design is very classy and matches with almost all interiors. The body of the stands is made of MDF, a material known for its acoustic superiority.

The base has beveled edges and a hand-rubbed black finish to add to the charm. The stands are 24 inches high which is the sweet spot for a lot of people. It can take bookshelf speakers weighing up to 25lbs.


  • Amazing MDF construction for great sound quality
  • The good weight limit for the bookshelf speakers
  • Speaker isolation options


  • Quite expensive

Why do I recommend this?

MDF is my favorite material when it comes to any audio equipment. Let it be speakers for speaker stands. The same goes for this one as well. It’s lightweight yet strong. Serves the purpose very nicely.

Take Away

Investing in the best speaker stands could be one of the major decisions of your life. Most people don’t realize the importance of having a good speaker stands. Hence, they don’t get to enjoy the awesomeness a good home entertainment system can provide.

As for our recommendations, all of the products are top of the line and known for their unique features. The Sanus is the king of value for money products while Atlanta makes great all-round speaker stands. Just go through the review thoroughly and you’ll find one that you like.